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Bluecrest Wellness makes high-quality comprehensive health screening a viable option for all employees – not just a perk for the few. As a result, programmes of health awareness and screening become a genuine factor in transforming wellbeing and enhancing business performance. Bluecrest provides comprehensive screenings (involving more than 50 individual tests) at employer offices as well as 1,700 clinic locations around the UK. It runs around 52,000 screens each year.


Bluecrest was selected by Capita, the UK’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions, to replace an existing screening provider – but also to transform attitudes, awareness and take-up of health screening benefits.

The Health & Body ‘MOT’ engagement campaign included roadshow events at key locations, giving employees the opportunity to take part in mini-checks and challenges; this was backed up by regular email communications, campaign web site (, competitions and more traditional paper-based collateral in offices.

Rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, Capita staff are given options of packages to suit age and gender for their MOT; access to a free and 24/7 private GP helpline; and detailed, jargon-free health reports professionally printed and also available online. This report can also synchronise with health apps.

What did you want the project/initiative/product to achieve?

The core objective of the Capita initiative was to improve take up and motivate more staff to select a health screen as part of their flexible benefits option than they had in previous years. New UK research has shown that employees typically spend an average of 11 minutes each year in making choices about their flexible benefits options. Capita wanted to ensure its people were more aware of the health and wellbeing issues and opportunities involved, the importance of early detection – and of not being one of the many ‘unworried’ but unwell.

More specifically, Bluecrest was set the challenge of:

  • providing a range of screening options suited to different employee groups (age, gender, family background);
  • easy access to screening locations across the UK;
  • delivering enhanced communications, levels of awareness and understanding;
  • ensuring the full context of a health screen was understood in terms of enhanced convenience, locations and value for money over previous options;
  • encouraging greater reflection among staff on the fundamental relevance and advantages to themselves and the business of a preventative body MOT to identify the early signs of issues that can be fixed;
  • developing interest among employees in their personal health and wellbeing in general.

Lee Gruskin, Principal Consultant (Health Management) at Capita, said: “The work with Bluecrest has been important to the business in terms of health awareness and better management of any health risks which could have a detrimental effect on the organisation. Also, it’s an imp