Health checks available

With various levels of testing and the choice between home and face-to-face health checks, you can find an option that is perfectly suited to your needs.

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Personal Results Report
24/7 GP Helpline
Kidney Function
Cholesterol & Diabetes
Body Composition Scan
Bone Health, Energy & Muscles
Liver Function
Protein & Iron Levels
Blood Pressure
Heart Rhythm (ECG test)
Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)
Heart Disease & Stroke Risk
Blood Health
Advanced PLAC (Lp-PLA2)
Private GP Consultation

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Our health check packages are suitable for males or females aged 18-79, particularly those who are concerned about heart health, stroke and blood clot risks.


Health MOTs


£ 129

Key readings covering your heart health and stroke risk, liver and kidney health and general health markers.

£270 when bought separately

22 Blood Readings - 5 Clinician Tests - 24/7 GP Helpline

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Health MOTs


£ 169

Includes a full blood count assessing risk from infection, inflammation, and anaemia

£330 when bought separately

35 Blood Readings - 6 Clinician Tests - 24/7 GP Helpline

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Health MOTs


£ 269

Includes a private GP consultation and a PLAC test to check your artery health.

£430 when bought separately

38 Blood Readings - 6 Clinician Checks - GP Consultation - 24/7 GP Helpline

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