Your staff are your most important asset – so why wouldn’t you do everything you can to ensure they’re healthy and well looked after?

You may already use a traditional hospital-based provider for your employee health screening, but uptake can be minimal because the costs are so high. Bluecrest’s model offers a range of health screening options that maximise uptake, engagement and positive health outcomes – your staff will love you!

Founded in 2012, Bluecrest has considerable expertise in delivering high-quality, affordable health screening programmes to businesses of all sizes and across a variety of sectors. Whether you choose to have your screenings delivered on-site or through our network of over 2,000 clinics across the UK and Ireland, you’ll receive dedicated support from a highly experienced team to ensure your programme runs smoothly.

When you work with us, you will get a 360-degree approach to wellness in your organisation. This includes:

  • Detailed Management Information (MI) reporting including trend analysis to track year-on-year change
  • Flexible pricing options to suit any budget
  • Over 2,000 screening locations across the UK and Ireland, with the option of on-site screening at no additional charge
  • Optional on-site health awareness days
  • Employee access to our online results health hub
  • Free marketing and benefit promotion support, including flyers, posters, websites and promotional literature
  • Post-screening support for your employees from our team of nutritionists, dieticians, cognitive behaviour therapists and GPs

Join our 350+ corporate clients today! Get in touch to see how Bluecrest can help take your benefits provision beyond a “staff perk” to something that can be truly transformational for the performance of your business.