Danone are a leading multi-national provider of fresh dairy, bottled water, baby products and medical nutrition products. With over 1,300 employees in 5 UK business units and a turnover close to £1 billion, in the UK alone, Danone is among the Forbes top influential brands and understands the importance investing in employees’ health and wellbeing.


Whilst Danone understood the importance of providing compelling benefits for employees, they were unsure if the health benefits truly matched employees’ needs. Up until 2014, only executive staff – which represent a small section of the workforce – had been offered company paid health assessments through a flexible benefits platform. Furthermore, the cost to offer all employees the same provision was cost prohibitive.

We wanted to link health assessments to our PMI cover, to help us gain better control of our plan and understand if it was the right one for our current population. We also wanted to understand how to more efficiently target real employee health issues and to provide them with the right support through occupational health.

Danone UK’s Head of UK Rewards and HR Efficiencies, John Mayor


Bluecrest worked collaboratively with Danone to develop a ‘360o Wellness’ programme personalised for their workforce:

  • Health Assessment programmes were broken down by age and gender and would enable the entire workforce to be screened for the same cost as the offering to executives alone.
  • Clinics were organised on-site at Danone’s 5 business units and segmented into 30 minute appointments.  In addition, field based staff had the option of attending any of the 1,762 Bluecrest clinics across the UK.
  • Working closely with Danone’s HR team, Bluecrest helped craft the right message for each business unit and designed the communications materials to help promote the benefit through emails, on-site roadshows and static banners and posters.
  • In addition to providing employees with their Personal Health Report, the assessment results would be anonymised within a Management Information (MI) report broken down by business unit.
  • With the MI each business unit would have the opportunity to provide Occupational Health initiatives to tackle health issues it faced.


  • 46% of employees signed up to the benefit
  • Within business unit A, 47% of employees were classed as being overweight with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and the potential for long-term absence. This led to the introduction of the ‘invigorate’ internal exercise programme for all staff to directly help address the issue.
  • Within business unit B, 32% of employees were classed with abnormal liver function readings. Apart from the obvious risk to health from drink related illness, this also has a direct impact on sickness absence and productivity. This lead to the introduction of a fuller alcohol audit within future assessment programmes.

Within the data set, we have a very robust set of management information, so we have the opportunity to drill down and look at key trends within our businesses.

  • Company wide, 40% of employees appear to have Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D has been linked to bone density issues and increased risk of heart disease. Subsequently, Danone made vitamin supplements available to all staff and will be watching closely for the results of the 2015 assessment for improvements.


Danone and Bluecrest look forward to working together in the future to help build on the solid foundations and progress made making  adaptations following the initial results to  enable the business to even further understand the health of their workforce. Initiatives have already begun to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of staff.