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Look after your employees’ mental and physical health, wherever they’re based…

Choose from four levels of home test kits offering up to 35 readings, from immunity and diabetes risk through to anxiety and depression risks. The kits are delivered straight to your employees’ door and all tests are self-collected from the comfort of home.

It’s simple and easy to do

  • Employees are invited to order their kit and book their virtual appointment
  • Kits are dispatched to your employees’ home the next working day
  • Our friendly health coaches will guide your employees through their home test kit during their virtual appointment
  • Completed kits are dropped off to the nearest post box (pre-paid shipping included!)
  • Results are ready to view online MyWellness within eight days

Support when it’s needed

We know that collecting your own blood sample can sometimes be a little difficult, so we can support your employees to help take a safe and successful sample. Your employees can book their own private virtual appointment with one of our fully-trained health coaches to guide them through their home test kit.

If issues do arise, your employees can book a full blood draw with a Certified Healthcare Professional at one of our 2,000 venues nationwide.

We’re here to help

Emotional wellbeing advisor

Your employees can arrange a private 30-minute telephone consultation with a registered Mental Health Practitioner/Nurse who can give helpful advice, coping strategies and access to various resources to help their mental health. This beneficial service is included in all home test kits.

GP helpline

All home test kits include free access to a 24/7 GP helpline service for 12 months. Your employees can call anytime to discuss their questions with a registered GP, whether they have a query about their home test result or require some general health advice.

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How it works

1. Employees are invited to order their kit and book their virtual appointment

Sample kits are ordered simply and securely online.

2. Kits are dispatched to your employees’ home the next working day

Kits are delivered straight to your employees’ door.

3. Employees collect their sample and return the kits via the nearest post box

Each test takes an average of 10 minutes to complete.

4. Results available within 3 working days of reaching the lab

Employees will be emailed with results viewable online once they are ready.


  • How does the sample collection work?

    Our home test kits can be taken by you from the comfort of your own home, and each test takes just 10 minutes on average from start to finish. Once completed, you simply need to put your samples back in the box, seal it inside the free return slip provided and post the package back to us via your nearest post box.

    View our short tutorial here:

  • How long do the tests take?

    Our home test kits usually take around 10 minutes to complete.

  • When will employees receive results?

    Full results are available online within 8 days after the samples are received by the lab. If results do not appear to have arrived 8 days after you’ve sent your results, contact us on 0808 168 9219.

  • How will employees receive results?

    A link to view results online will usually be sent when the results are ready.