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Nutrition Rocket

Power the performance & sustain the health of your workforce with bespoke nutritional programs


Nutrition plays a key role in our health and wellbeing, as well as cognitive performance. Ensure your teams are fuelled to perform at their best with Nutrition Rocket.


Our nutrition interventions, led by accredited dietitians and nutritionists, can support your business from a whole setting approach, ensuring there are healthy choices available everywhere food and drink are supplied. Alongside this we will empower your employees with no nonsense, up to date, evidence-based nutrition advice. Learning how to eat well – what, why and when in fun, engaging workshops can help your employees be more focused, productive and healthier. Let the countdown to your most productive year begin!


How it works

1) Your nutritionist will visit your organisation and develop a bespoke nutritional needs report.

2) You can choose from a broad range of workshops or opt for tailored intervention based on your report findings.

3) You will receive a 12-month impact evaluation, outlining the changes you can make to boost your workforces’ health.


How to maximise Nutrition Rocket

Offer your staff a more comprehensive experience by bolting on Nutrition Rocket to a Health Awareness Day. We will send two Health Screening Specialists to your premises to deliver on-site mini health checks. Staff members will receive their results on the day and the information they need to proactively manage their wellbeing.

Your nutritionist will tailor the follow-up intervention workshops based on your staffs’ results. High cholesterol? No problem, a Health Heart workshop explaining the effects of cholesterol, what foods can boost “good” cholesterol and a heart healthy breakfast practical, will ensure your staff know how to make the changes they need to a healthier life.

Nutrition Rocket starts from just £1,500.

For more information and to book your Nutrition Rocket program, please contact us today!