Delivering your Wellness Strategy…

Rather than make a selection of independent provisions, often formed by legacy provisions set up over many years, a strategy is important from the outset.  It’s important to understand what the programme is meant to achieve, and how success will be measured.  This is highlighted in a recent article in Employee Benefits magazine about trends in international employee wellness benefits.

The above is particularly relevant in the field of health benefits.  Some firms provide solutions, simply because they’ve “always been done that way” rather than being right for the business NOW.

At Bluecrest Wellness, our health checks are focused on customer need, with tailored solutions according to the goals that are right for that particular firm.  Measurement of results is key to this.  We can provide employers with detailed management information about the health of their workforce, so that proactive health interventions can be made off the back of the results.  Health checks then become a “transformational” benefit rather than a “transactional” one for those concerned.

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is also highlighted as important, as a successful programme will be advocated by leaders, and promoted in such a way that employees feel valued, supported and appreciated.  This is relevant when looking at the sometimes subtle line between what is deemed “Occupational Health” (primarily for the benefit of the company) and Private Health Assessment Benefits, which are deemed as a benefit for the employee.  Getting good take-up relies on effective promotion of the benefits being provided.

If you’d like to deliver more than traditional old-fashioned ”health checks”, but would rather offer something at the heart of a new wellbeing strategy for your business, we’d be pleased to help.