Is stress at work a good thing?

There is debate that a certain level of stress is a good thing, driving people to achieve.  However there is no debate when considering the impact of unrelenting and unmanageable levels of stress; this has a hugely negative impact on performance and in some case on employee health.

The recently undertaken Big Work Survey has revealed that 64% of UK workers said that they feel stressed by their current job.

The Big Work Survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of health insurance provider Westfield Health questioned 2,000 UK employees and 500 organisational decision makers about their employment.

Interestingly, 82% of the respondents claimed to be working more than their contractual hours in the last 12 months. And 59% told the survey that had attended work whilst ill due to work-related commitments.

Does location affect stress levels?

Broken down by geographical location, the survey highlighted that Scottish employees were the most stressed at work with 71% admitting to worrying levels of pressure.  Employees in Yorkshire and Humber were not far behind in terms of stress levels.  Wales was identified as having the lowest levels of stress, but even there over 50% of the workforce still said that work had caused them anxiety.

Juxtaposed to the above findings the majority of respondents claimed to “like their jobs”, and titan of industry Richard Branson came top as the UKs idea of a “dream boss”.

It would appear that there are some positives to take away from the survey with the majority of respondents saying they liked their jobs, however it also highlights there is work to be done in terms of reducing stress levels.  Employers can potentially increase engagement and lower absence levels by recognising the stress landscape within an organisations and employing effective HR strategies to address any potential issues.

How can Bluecrest Wellness help?

Bluecrest Wellness recognises the hugely important role stress management plays in terms of unlocking the potential of your workforce.  Bluecrest Wellness health assessment packages includes an assessment of work placed stress and this is then used to deploy modular digitally delivered “mental resilience” workshops to provide employees with simple tools to recognise and deal with stressful periods of work.