The most appropriate, convenient, high value health screening packages that your staff will appreciate and that will deliver tangible business benefits.

Would you like services that reflect the most common workplace health concerns?

Our Health Screening service directly addresses some of the most common health concerns of businesses offering full biochemistry laboratory testing for key health indicators tailored to specific ages and genders and advanced cardiac analysis of heart disease risks.

What’s more extra features also cover mind and body, musculoskeletal health and personalised GP consultation and written report following screening.

There are 5 standard screening packages available: Prevention Plus, Active, Core, Executive, Executive 365 and Tailor Made

Would you like the most convenient options for your people?

Bluecrest already screens around 1,000 people in the UK every week of the year.  Convenience is important for our customers.  Why should they have to travel to be screened when we can do the travelling to them instead?  We’re all focussed on doing what’s best for the customer, so instead of expecting people to take time off work to travel to a private hospital, our mobile teams can take high-tech screening equipment directly to corporate premises, to deliver screenings on-site in meeting rooms.  Or, employees can take advantage of our network of local clinics

Would you like to give your employees the best quality health reports in the sector?

Once your staff have been screened, they will receive an incredibly detailed report (email us and we’ll send you an example) outlining all their results in plain easy-to-understand terms rather than medical jargon.Would you like ongoing support to help your staff all year round? All corporate clients screening receive, as standard:

  • Proactive outbounding of any staff with critical results
  • 24/7 booking line, available 365 days per year
  • No difference in charges, whether services are delivered on site or via our national network of local clinics

Plus, for larger clients, we will also provide 12 monthly health campaigns to help you promote health and wellbeing internally within your organisation at no additional cost.

Would you like your Wellness budget to impact your entire business?

Because our health screenings focus on what is most important to employees health and cut out the unnecessary elements, we can make our health screening packages more affordable than has traditionally been the case. This means that for the sort of budgets a company might spend just looking after their top executives with old fashioned health screenings, they can use the same budget to provide more relevant, convenient, health services to an entire workforce.

For companies that truly believe in the benefits of investing in health of their workforce, this can be an extremely impactful demonstration internally.

Call or email us now for more details – we’re always pleased to help: 0800 652 2107