5 Fad Diets To Avoid This New Year

The start of a New Year is always a time when people look to lose some weight. Whether this is to burn off the excess calories that were consumed over the festive period or to ensure that there is a new focus to a fitter and healthier year, this is the perfect time of year to focus on your health and diet. The most effective way to lose weight is to increase the amount of exercise you undertake while reducing the amount of calories you consume. A number of people are interested in diets that promise to give you a focus for losing weight and which offer great results. Some diets promise a lot but there are concerns over a number of fad diets.

The British Dietetic Association is keen for as many people to think about their diet as possible but they have recently expressed concern about the number of fad diets, made popular by celebrities that seem to be in the public eye. The Association has criticised 5 main fad diets and recommend that people avoid these diets:

  • The Breatharian Diet
  • The Biotyping Diet
  • The Gluten Free Diet
  • The Alcorexia Diet
  • The Dukan Diet

All of these diets are considered to be harmful, so it takes something special to stand out from the crowd and to be considered as being poorer than the others. However, the Breatharian Diet has managed to do so. This diet is notable because its followers claim to not need to eat or drink to survive. Instead, they claim that they get all the sustenance and nutrition they need from air and sunlight alone. If any fad diet sounds as though it is too good to be true, it is clearly this one and the Breatharian Diet is not one that should be considered by anyone looking to lose weight in a safe and recommended fashion.

The Biotyping Diet is a diet which sees people focusing on altering the hormone balance in the body. This diet is based around the fact that there are six different types of hormone in the body and that fat accumulates in different parts of the body. The diet involves people trying to reduce their fat levels and relies heavily on the use of supplements. While the Diet Association concedes that this form of diet will assist weight loss, thanks to the reduced calorie intake, it does not represent a healthy way to lose weight.

Gwyneth Paltrow has been criticised for her dietary tips

The Gluten Free Diet is one that has received a lot of press and publicity thanks to celebrity endorsements, notably from Gwyneth Paltrow. People on this form of diet will cut out gluten from their diet which means that they will not eat oats, barley or wheat. People who suffer from a coeliac disease are advised to follow this form of diet for health reasons but there is no medical reason to suggest that this form of diet is of considerable benefit to other people. This style of dieting can lead to weight loss but this is mainly diet to the removal of treats like cakes and biscuits from the diet as opposed to directly focusing on the removal of gluten.

The Alcorexia Diet is one that has gained a lot of followers because it provides people with the opportunity to drink alcohol while losing weight. The main form of this diet focuses on consuming very few calories in order to store calories away to be consumed as alcohol. The main use of this diet has seen people store around 1,500 calories every day, allowing them to have around 10,500 calories set aside to enjoy in the form of alcohol at the weekend. This is not recommended as this form of diet will limit the minerals and vitamins that a person will receive in their daily routine.

Last on the list is The Dukan Diet, which has been very popular, but which has also been criticised by dietary experts for a number of years. This form of dieting revolves around a blend of low carbs and high protein, which can provide immediate weight loss benefits but doesn’t provide the platform for long-term weight loss success.