Blue Monday – but should it be known as that?

Someone very clever came back with a very popular concept that we see publicised every year around this time.

Apparently “Blue Monday” is classified as the most depressing time of the year – and there is even a formula that is supposed to explain why.

…and, of course, there can be many things that make people feel down at this time of year. Whether it’s the weather (cold dark nights and rain), contrasted with the excitement of the festive season in December, or a feeling that money might be a little tight too.

The following are all felt to be impactful on mood at this time of the year;

  • Weather
  • Debt
  • Time since Christmas
  • Time since failing our New Year resolutions
  • Low motivational levels

But, is it really right to concentrate on the negatives?

Some mental health campaigners comment that this is not what we want to be focused on.

Indeed, many have commented that a “glass half empty” approach should be contrasted with the many positive aspects of the New Year.  A more positive outlook is mentioned in this Telegraph article, for example, referring to ways to beat any negativity.

The mental health charity, Mind, also points out that that concept can be misleading.

Bluecrest Health Screening believes that health and wellbeing is about much more that physical health – and that responsible employers should support their staff with mental health throughout the year.  That’s why our health screenings (for employers) all include mental wellbeing content and support.

Many of our customers comment to us about the increased motivation levels they achieve as a result of having one of our health reviews – and, as far as New Year resolutions go, we are keen to support people throughout the year, whenever they choose to have a health review with us.  That’s why we offer ongoing support 24/7 365 days a year.