Bluecrest Health Screening asks – can you sleep your way to a healthy heart!

Bluecrest Health Screening was interested to learn of a recent study undertaken by the Monitoring Project on Risk Factors for Chronic Diseases (MORGEN) looked at how adequate sleep might enhance the benefits of being physically active, eating a healthy diet, not smoking, and drinking alcohol in moderation. Bluecrest Health Screening presently does not ask its customers any profiling questions regarding their sleep patterns as part of the Health Screening process – but will review this in light of this research.

“When we think of cardiovascular protection, we usually think of the traditional lifestyle factors, and also cholesterol and body mass index, but so far sleep has not been an issue,” senior author Dr WM Monique Verschuren (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Bilthoven, the Netherlands).

However, this study suggests that sleep is an important factor to consider in addition to having a healthy diet, being active, and stopping smoking.”

If these findings are reproduced in other studies, sleep may be a lifestyle factor included in future guidelines for preventing CVD, she speculated. “It could be something that people could quite easily change in their lifestyle,” she said, and could have a large public health impact, she added.

Bluecrest Health Screening agrees with the researchers defined five healthy lifestyle habits, which where as follows:

Spending 3.5 or more hours a week cycling or doing other sports at a moderate to vigorous intensity.
A modified Mediterranean diet score of five or higher.
One drink of alcohol or more a month.
Not smoking.
Sleeping seven hours or more a night.
Bluecrest Health Screening is currently developing fact sheets to provide free of charge to our customers that will advise individuals of ways in which they can lower their risk factors for certain diseases. Bluecrest Health Screening aims to provide our customers with information that can help them to take a proactive approach to managing their health. Bluecrest Health Screening strongly believes that empowering individuals with information about their current health status and then providing individuals with information on how to lower risks, is the best way to help people live longer and happier lives.