Bluecrest’s top 5 foods to boost your circulatory system

All at Bluecrest Health Screening take their nutrition seriously and we thought we’d share some of our top 5 superfoods to help boost your circulatory system.

1 Watermelon
As well as being a powerful anti-oxidant bursting with lycopene (also try pink grapefruit), L-citrulline is also believed to help the body make proteins and also widen veins and arteries to boost blood flow and reduce blood pressure. New research suggests that watermelon juice can relieve post exercise muscle pain.

2 Cayenne Pepper
Perhaps not for everyone, but sprinkling a little of the dried cayenne pepper can help boost not only your metabolic rate but also strengthen your arteries and blood vessels. As with all peppers, cayenne can also help fight against inflammation and boost your bodies immune system.

3 Sunflower seeds
Although seeds can be a bit on the fiddly side, a handful on top of your breakfast cereal gives you a boost in vitamin E which is a powerful nutrient to protect against blood clots and improve circulation. Also worth a try are pumpkin seeds or failing that unsalted nuts.

4 Salmon, mackerel and oily fish
A must have for all those concerned reducing heart disease risk, these fish are rich in unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids which are proven to lower cholesterol levels. Two servings a week is enough to give you all the benefits without causing you concern if you’re worried about mercury levels.

5 Oranges and Kiwi fruit
Oranges and Kiwi fruit are both very high in vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that also plays an important role in producing collagen – essential for repair of tissue, growth, blood vessels and capillary blood vessel strength bones and teeth. As you age you tend to require more vitamin C so make sure you’re getting enough and to keep yourself healthy.

So there you have it. Bluecrest’s favourite top 5 superfoods to boost your circulatory system.