Christmas gifting for better health

Many health professionals agree that there are key areas, or pillars, of health that work together to create a foundation of good health. What better gift than something that is going to support your recipient in feeling their best?

We’ve collated some of our favourites below covering four areas of wellbeing:

Gifts for: Eating Well

We all know that what we eat has a huge impact on our health. Why not gift your loved one something that will help them start the new year off with nourishing meals. For example;

A New Cookbook.

Inspire a love of healthy meals with a new cookbook. Think about your recipient – would they benefit from recipes that are quick and easy to prepare? Healthy takes on everyday classics? Or maybe they need family meals to feed their tribe?

If you fancy something a bit more personal, with the Family Cookbook Project you can collaborate with family members to build your own collection of recipes. The founders say “Our Make-a-cookbook software allows you to do it yourself or have others help! Invite family or friends to add recipes and photos for a finished product that’s truly unique! Fill your cookbook with photos, stories and handwritten recipes for a gift that’s thoughtful and practical and makes a great gift.”.

Restaurant Vouchers for a healthy meal out.

Treat someone to a delicious, healthy meal out. Maybe there’s a local restaurant or cafe that sources local ingredients or only cooks from whole food ingredients? Some chains like Leon are known for their healthy options if you do not live locally to your recipient.

Meal kit subscription service.

Fresh ingredients, easy recipes and no wastage – it’s easy to see why services like Hello Fresh are so popular. Gifting your loved one a few nights off from having to plan their meals is sure to be a winner.

Gifts for: Quality Sleep

The importance of sleep in overall health is well documented but disturbed sleep can be a common problem with key contributors often being stress, hormonal, medications or simply surroundings. It can be hard to sleep if you have streetlights right outside your window, or traffic passing at all hours.

If you have a friend or loved one who struggles to sleep, here are some things that might help them get a better night’s rest.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamer

If you think that bubble baths are the only way forward when it comes to a home spa experience, think again. These shower steamers are perfect for those short on time but still long for a bit of self-care in their daily routines. With a relaxing blend of essential oils, this Deep Sleep Aromatherapy Shower Steamer will ease your recipient into a state of calm ready to rest for the night.

Bamboo Sleep Mask

Our bodies are designed to sleep when it’s dark, wake when it’s light but if artificial light is keeping someone you care for up at night, a sleep mask could be the answer. Bamboo is sustainable, soft and breathable so keeps an even temperature. We like this Bamboo eye mask by Panda.

Blue light blocking glasses

Screen usage late at night can impact the amount and quality of sleep. Bluelight blocking glasses are a thoughtful gift for anyone who has trouble “switching off”. There are plenty of styles and brands to choose from, we like the range at Quay Australia for affordability and style.

Gifts for: Movement

Making movement fun will make it a lot easier to fit it into your daily routine.

Weighted Hula Hoop

Remember when movement was just part of your daily fun as a kid? A fitness-infused take on the classic, the just be… Fitness Hula Hoop is weighted and ridged and can be used to strengthen the core, improve posture, aid weight loss and stimulate blood circulation.

Exercise mat for working out at home.

It’s harder to motivate yourself to leave the house in cold weather but if you know someone who is trying to motivate themselves to stay active at home, why not treat them to a new mat to brighten up their space? One of our favourites is by Yoga Design Lab – beautiful patterns and a soft finish, best of all it’s available in a thicker 5.5mm depth which is perfect for extra padding for sensitive joints.

An Activity tracker

Activity trackers offer the ability to set goals, count steps, monitor sleep and keep track of calories burned. Perfect for keeping track of daily movement and staying motivated.

Gifts for: Relaxation

Finally, with the stress of a global epidemic, finding time and ways to relax is more important than ever. These gifts will help your recipient de-stress and gain a sense of calm amongst the Christmas festivities.

Subscription to a meditation app

Meditation has proven benefits for our health and is easy to get started on with the help of guided meditations. Apps like Headspace and InsightTimer make it really easy to find guided meditations to get started with, track your meditations and build a daily habit.

Weighted Blanket

Becoming increasingly popular, weighted blankets are great for calming and soothing stress and anxiety. The perfect snuggly companion for easing daily stress. Mela offers award-winning weighted blankets, but you’ll also find a range of brands in-store and online to fit your recipient and budget.

A spa day or treatment voucher.

Why not gift yourself as well as a loved one by booking a relaxing spa day for both of you? Indulge in some quality time together, relaxation and self-care all in one gift. Watch out for deals and special offers through websites that collate daily offers in your area.