Flexible Health Benefits at Work

Flexible health benefits are an increasingly popular tax-efficient way to provide your employees with an attractive selection of options.

New research by employee benefits organisation Portus Consulting indicates that 26% of respondents offer online flexible benefits schemes, compared with 15% in 2011.

  • The “HR in law employee benefits survey 2013″ used data from 122 legal firms
  • The rise was greatest amongst the top 100 law firms, where the increase was from 21% in 2011 to 51% in 2013

The research also highlighted how responsible employers are increasingly implementing changes that recognise the importance of staff wellbeing.  For example, flexible working.  67% of respondents now allow between 10% -30% of staff to work flexibly, – an increase from 2011 when the figure was 48%.

Bluecrest Wellness offer a range of health benefits, all of which can be used to drive employee engagement and improve health outcomes.  Over 32,000 customers have chosen Bluecrest this year alone for their health & wellbeing needs and the ability to take advantage of a NEW type of health benefit is very important with respect to;

  • Convenience – over 2000 clinics nationwide, ensuring that your staff are usually no more than 10 minutes away from a centre
  • Quality – a health screening service that covers the major risk factors and that consistently scores exceedingly high in customer service questionnaires
  • Value – a service at the forefront of the sector in terms of value for money – an important consideration for Flex

The perfect Flex Choice:

Old traditional health screening benefits can cost the employee £20 or more per month, making it unattractive, with poor take-up. Add an option that is between £6-9 and the popularity and take-up increases greatly. PLUS – add in a supplier that is happy to support flexible benefit road shows and actively promote the benefit – and it’s a recipe for Flex success.

Speak to the Bluecrest team today about Flex options – our team is always happy to help.