Health Screenings, Statins and Dementia

Health Screenings, Statins and Dementia

Today The Telegraph features an interesting article relating to a study of around 58,000 patients which found that “high potency statins”, which are frequently prescribed to help prevent heart attacks and strokes, potentially reduced the chance of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease by two thirds. The researchers studied a random sample of one million patients who had no history of dementia and tracked them for nearly five years.

The article quotes that “High potency statins such as atorvastatin and rosuvastatin showed a significant inverse association with developing dementia in a dose-response manner.” and that “Higher doses of high potency statins gave the strongest protective effects against dementia.”

There is continued debate about the importance of understanding health risks – health screening forms part of this – and the benefits of interventions, such as medical management and lifestyle change.

Bluecrest Health Screening welcomes this continued research into dementia and what can be done to understand and reduce health risks with proactive health interventions.

Read the Telegraph article in full here.