Home Test Kits: What’s Inside?

The new home test kits from Bluecrest Wellness have everything you need to track your health – all from the comfort of your own home.

Each test takes just 10 minutes on average from start to finish. Once completed, simply put your samples back in the box, seal it inside the free return envelope provided, and post the package back to us via your nearest post box.

Providing up to 33 personalised blood readings, each Bluecrest home test kit is packed with lots of useful items to help ensure your sample is returned safely back to our UKAS-accredited laboratory to be analysed.

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s included within each kit:

Sample collection tubes

Your sample collection tubes are what you’ll collect your blood in. If you have ordered the Extra or Total packages, you should have one tube with a gold-coloured lid and one tube with a purple- coloured lid. Important note: If you’ve ordered the Base package, your kit will contain only one tube with a gold-coloured lid.

2 x Protective packing wallets

The protective packing wallets are what contain the sample collection tubes when you first open your kit. Once you have taken your sample, simply put the tubes back into their protective packing wallets to help keep them safe during the journey back to the lab. The wallets do also have another useful feature for when you’re taking your sample – each wallet has a concave indent in one of the corners which you can use to place your sample collection tubes into to help keep them standing upright.

3 x Lancets

Each kit contains three lancets, which are the utensils used to draw blood from your finger(s). Most people only need one lancet or sometimes two to fill the collection tubes to a sufficient level.

2 x Name labels, one for each collection tube

Once you have successfully taken your samples, you’ll complete the label(s) with your details and apply them around the tube(s).

2 x Moist Wipes, 1x Alcotip Swab and 2 x plasters

The alcotip swab is used to wipe the area of the finger where you are intending to use the lancet before blood is drawn, to help clean and sterilise the area.

The moist wipes are used to clean the area of the finger that has been lanced after blood is drawn, followed by placing a plaster over the small wound.

1 x Request Form

Before sealing the box inside the envelope, you just need to complete a few personal details on the Blood Request form, including the approximate time that you carried out the self-collection. You must include this form otherwise we can’t process your sample.

1 x Blue or grey plastic self addressed envelope

Once all the steps outlined in the instructions included with your kit have been completed, you simply need to insert the kit into your blue or grey plastic self addressed envelope, and finally post the sample kit back the same day from any post box.

Something missing?

If you’ve opened your kit and something doesn’t seem quite right, for example you think you’re missing an item, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated contact centre team on 0800 652 2108 who will be able to help.

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