How to motivate your family to be healthier

Are you are thinking about being healthier but aren’t sure how to motivate your family to join in with you? There are many ways you can encourage your family to live healthier lives without nagging or being overly restrictive about what they eat or do from day-to-day. If you’re looking for some help getting your family on the right track, then try these ideas to create change within your household:

Get the whole family on board

Getting everyone involved in improving their own health is one of the best ways of encouraging them to stick with it. Setting goals together and sharing new ideas / recipes not only shows everyone that you care about their improved well-being, but also works as a great way to bring everyone closer and create more positive family interactions.

Start off small

If your family normally eats takeaways or fast foods every other night, try reducing this to weekends only. Keep decreasing the amount until you are ready for an even bigger change. Introducing change slowly is easier to follow and keeps your family from feeling overwhelmed. You can then start to include more exercise into the daily routine as you become more accustomed to a healthier lifestyle.

Bring in healthier alternatives

Making small changes in your home can make a huge impact on everyone’s health. One way to do this is by having healthy snacks around the house. Offering fruit and vegetables with meals is also a great way to get kids to eat their 5-a-day. It’s also a good way to ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need. Parents can also pack a lunch box with a variety of fruit and vegetables to make sure they’re eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Cook healthy, balanced meals

Cooking healthier meals doesn’t have to be a chore. Keep it fun by experimenting with new recipes and trying out healthy alternatives of your family’s favourite dishes. Healthy cooking doesn’t always mean bland or boring, there are many ways you can make your favourite foods into something more nutritious without compromising on the taste. For instance, you could try cooking together, for example making healthier pizzas with a wholemeal pizza base, leaner cuts of meat and lots of vegetables.

Make exercise fun

How many times have you gone on your usual run, only to think that you could be watching Netflix instead? Getting involved in activities like swimming, cycling and even attending dance classes will make the experience of looking after yourself much more enjoyable and give you something to look forward to on days when motivation is lacking. Getting into a fun activity that the whole family can partake in can make it a lot more fun and encouraging.

Eat meals as a family

Sitting down for family dinners not only creates an opportunity to catch up with everyone, but it also encourages everyone to try something new together (for instance healthy side dishes for sharing).. Eating together also gives you a chance to share quality time together and can help improve communication within your household. Having family meal times to discuss the day’s events can make eating at home more fun and engaging.

Also encourage having device-free meals so everyone is fully present and eating mindfully. This will help them the whole family better appreciate the food they are eating.

Get creative together

Another fun way of making your family’s health important is by introducing creative activities. Have a smoothie making competition or take turns inventing new active games. Making your healthy living journey an adventure instead of just something you have to do can only make it more exciting and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Keep track of progress

No matter what age anyone is, there are few things more motivating than seeing your own progress. This can simply mean recording how everyone has been feeling on a weekly basis, how everyone is feeling, and what activities they’ve enjoyed. This will ensure the whole family is feeling well and on the right track with regards to their health and wellbeing.

Plan for obstacles that might get in the way

There are some things which might make it harder for some members of your family to stick with their new healthy habits – make sure everyone knows what these are and plan around them. For example if someone loves starting the day with a sweet pastry, encourage them to choose healthier options for the rest of the day.

Celebrate milestones with rewards

If your whole family is dedicated to reaching certain goals together, then it’s important that they all feel appreciated when those achievements happen. Whether that means buying a small gift or taking everyone out for ice cream at the end of the week, give them a reason to keep going.

Make time for relaxation

When we do things like cooking and exercising to stay on top of our health, we sometimes forget how important relaxation is for our well-being too. Make sure everyone within your household gets enough downtime – whether it’s watching a film or reading a book in bed, this will help all of you to feel happier and less stressed, which will ultimately improve everyone’s quality of life. Maybe you could try some of our Top 10 Self Care Tips?