How to stay motivated to stick to your healthy habits during winter

The colder months can be hard on your healthy habits, and your motivation to stick to them isn’t always as strong as it was during the warmer months. You might be craving comfort foods and hot chocolate instead of salads and green juices, which makes it easy to fall into the winter slump where you give up on all your healthy habits. Here are some of the best ways to maintain your healthy habits in the winter so you don’t fall into this slump.

Keep moving

A great way to stay active when it’s cold outside is simply to move more. Move for longer periods of time, take several walks throughout the day, or do some extra cleaning at home. Any little thing can help boost your body temperature and get you sweating. If you have a regular exercise routine but keep putting it off because of cold weather, try using an app that lets others join in on motivating you.

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Adapt your workout routine

Winter can be a frustrating time for fitness enthusiasts, but there are lots of simple ways you can stay on track with your goals. Consider scheduling a daily or weekly workout session with friends or co-workers. While going to the gym to lift weights and running outdoors might not be your favourite way to exercise when it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon those workouts in the winter. At-home cardio machines such as treadmills and elliptical trainers are great during bad weather months because they don’t require much space.

Wear layers

When we put on several layers of clothing, we’re forced to generate more heat and we feel warmer. This is because our bodies expend more energy keeping us warm than they do during hot days, resulting in a higher resting metabolism. You can wear layers without feeling too cold or bulky by adding an extra sweater over a tank top and wearing jeans over leggings. Your outer garments will conceal what you’re wearing underneath, keeping you cosy and warm. Plus, you can change outfits as often as you like, which gives you great flexibility if your plans change throughout the day.

Drink warm drinks

Not drinking enough can cause dehydration and make it harder for your body to regulate your internal temperature. Hydrating properly is crucial for our bodies to function properly, and although we might not feel like we need it as much during winter, we still do. The good news is you can skip cold beverages and have a nice hot drink instead. This can be as simple as a cup of tea, but you could also try some warm water with lemon or a homemade chai latte. Not only do these hot drinks warm you up from the inside out, they also provide hydration for those who don’t like plain old water.

Eat healthily

It’s often a struggle to stick with a diet during cold months. Instead of turning to heavy comfort foods and unhealthy sweet treats, choose nutrient-rich foods that will satisfy you without feeling guilty. You can cook healthy, filling homemade meals that are just as satisfying as the fattier and heavier alternatives we tend to turn to in the colder months.