MAA health screening tests for heart disease and stroke?

Bluecrest Health Screening is interested to note some potential new developments in blood testing for heart disease and stroke risk.

A new molecule (the MAA molecule) has been analysed in two new studies. In these, there appears to be a relationship between presence of the “MAA molecule” and risks of heart disease.

This research has been undertaken by researchers from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). The organisation “UNeMed Corporation” is now also considering clinical applications within a health screening environment. Dr. Thiele has commented that simple health screening tests (laboratory blood analysis) could be developed as a result of these findings. which could be the start of an easier way to predict – and therefore help to prevent – deaths from this common disease.

Dr. Thiele, professor of internal medicine, and Michael Duryee, research coordinator at UNMC’s College of Medicine, say that the molecule “malondialdehyde-acetaldehyde (MAA)” appears to be indicative of inflammatory conditions and that it also appears to indicate the presence of coronary artery disease. Further studies are now taking place.

For many people, sadly, the first sign of atherosclerosis relating to heart disease or stroke risk is when they suffer the consequences.

Identifying risk factors and taking action as a result of health screening programmes could therefore include this, among the other already accepted approaches to health prevention and health screening tests.