Mental Health

As mental health continues to gain media attention, we are increasingly aware of what a big impact your mental health has on your overall wellbeing and how important it is to pay attention to our feelings and behaviours so we can spot signs of a downturn in our mental health. Below you can find all of our articles and guides relating to what to look out for, how to boost your mental health and when you may need to seek help.

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is a broad term that refers to our psychological wellbeing, focussed around our emotions. Our mental health can affect the way we feel, think and act and can be impacted by major life events, stress or change of circumstances. When our mental health is strong we can cope better with daily stress and enjoy life and relationships but if we do face challenges it can greatly impact our day to day lives. With mental health conditions varying greatly in their severity, catching them early can help you to get any support you need.

Types of conditions affecting Mental Health

Understanding what is happening in your mind and where your mental health might need some further investigation or support allows you to make informed decisions and positive changes where needed. We’ve included below our guides and articles to support you in understanding the types of conditions that affect mental health and how to manage them.

What is anxiety? Symptoms, causes and prevention


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