National Allotments Week (14th-20th August)

Having an allotment or garden is not only a great way of growing healthy produce, but it’s also proven to be good for your health.  Just 30 minutes of gardening can burn around 150 calories – that’s the same as doing low impact aerobics.

study in the Netherlands on a group of people in their 60s found that those who had an allotment tended to feel healthier, less stressed, and more physically active than those in the control group who didn’t tend an allotment.

The National Allotment Society (NAS) are holding their annual National Allotments Week from the 14th-20th August.  This year’s theme is “Growing the Movement” – the Society will be celebrating the hard work various volunteers and local councils undertake through managing, creating and developing their various sites across the UK.

The main aims of the NAS aims are to protect, promote and preserve allotments. They are currently seeking participants to share their stories about new sites, projects and regeneration works taking place across the UK to include in their Nation Allotments Week press release.  Anyone with a story to share is asked to contact Diane at with further details.

The NAS will be publicising their Open Days and Allotment Shows throughout the summer and during National Allotments Week – if you have any plans to hold Open Days or Allotment Shows, you can contact also contact Diane, who will advertise them via the National Allotments Week Facebook page.

You can read more about the NAS and National Allotments Week, and get some great tips for your own garden or allotment at