New non-fasting blood tests at Bluecrest

New and improved, non-fasting blood tests at Bluecrest! We’ve got some great news about our advanced range of blood tests…

What are non-fasting blood tests?

Traditionally, you would have been advised to fast before having a blood test because food can affect your cholesterol and glucose readings. But our customers have told us that at times they find the fasting period difficult to accommodate. It’s particularly difficult for afternoon appointments where they have not been able to eat all morning.

So we’ve recently upgraded our range of tests, meaning you no longer have to fast. All your test results and readings are still equally valid and medically robust. It just means your GP would refer to them as being based on ‘random samples’ as opposed to ‘fasting samples’. Our new method of testing won’t affect your results report either. You’ll still easily be able to identify any abnormalities with our standard “traffic-light” system.

Although full preparation instructions will still be provided prior to your appointment, our new method of administering tests means you can continue to eat and drink normally before your appointment. We still recommend you wear loose-fitting clothing to allow your Health Screening Specialist access to your upper arms.  We also suggest you don’t change your normal routine to ensure the tests results are as accurate as possible.

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