Sugar Ruins Our Health!

Sugar Ruins Our Health!

How can something so sweet have such a negative impact on our lives? It is a question that many people ask themselves, but it is one that has to be asked. Sugar may be viewed as a harmless sweet treat and an important part in so many of our favourite dishes and meals but for some people, sugar plays an all too present part in their everyday life. There is increasing research into the fact that many of us are actually addicted to sugar.

When scientists in France can report back that in trials, many rats opted for sugar over cocaine, even when the rats had been exposed to and become addicted to cocaine, is a worrying trend. When used in association with sugar, the term craving a sweet treat doesn’t seem so bad but in reality, a sugar craving can be as harmful and as strong as many of the other better known and more concerning addictions that people face in life.

So many people are taking note of the issues that sugar can cause in everyday life that there are groups standing up to be counted. The ‘No Sugar’ group is spearheading the moment that aims to provide people with as much information as they can about sugar. The leaders of the group are not only concerned about the health dangers that people face thanks to the over-use of sugar, but the threat to global economies due to increased pressure on health services and reduced working hours caused by illness.

There are different forms of sugar to consider

The different forms of sugar are a major source of contention. It is all too easy for people to look at the calorie count of a product or serving and think this is all they have to worry about. The problem lies with the fact that not all forms of sugar are the same. There are specific calories involved with different sugar types, and this is a hugely important factor in people developing diabetes.

Sugars and sweeteners may help to make a wide range of foods more palatable but it is the hidden sugars that are causing so many problems. It is believed that the average person in the United Kingdom is consuming around a kilo of sugar a week. This amounts to close to 240 teaspoonful’s of sugar each week and the majority of people would be hard pushed to account for this amount. However, this is because there are so many sugars, sweeteners and fructose elements in a wide range of products that are consumed on a daily basis. People who may think that they are eating healthily may be shocked to learn of the dangers of the meals that they consume in their battle against the bulge.

Calorie consumption is falling

Overall, people are consuming fewer calories but at the same time, the rate of obesity continues to rocket upwards. In Britain, more than half of the population is considered to be overweight and more than a quarter is classed as being obese. Obesity carries a wide range of health risks including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular risks, associations with cancer and so much more. With people thinking that reducing their calorie intake is a great step to lower their weight, there is a lot of shock about the inability to get fitter and healthier.

The links between fructose and the development of so many of the symptoms and associated issues with obesity are not always obvious but under research, they become apparent. Many different research papers presented findings indicating that fructose is linked to fatty liver diseases, to the stimulation of the appetite, diabetes, memory loss and gout. Sugar is said to attack a wide range of organs in the body, without many obvious symptoms, including the liver, pancreas and kidneys before it reaches the heart.

Some people are cutting sugar out of their diet completely, but like most things in life, moderation is what is recommended by many experts.