Why is good posture important?

Did you know that good posture is important for our overall wellbeing and health? Unfortunately, bad posture is common and can be caused by a number of factors including not enough exercise, too much sitting at the computer, an injury, or simply because we are tired. Posture can also become poor from muscle imbalances in the back and neck areas. But why is it important to counteract this? This blog explores why good posture shouldn’t be overlooked.

1. Good posture can help you stand up straighter, making it easier to breathe.

By standing in the correct position while breathing deeply, we are able to take longer deep breaths which helps us to better oxygenate our bodies and mind – leading to feeling calmer after a long day at work for example.

This is also important when it comes to exercising, as our bodies need a certain amount of oxygen in order to perform at their best. By using good posture when exercising, we can prevent our muscles from becoming fatigued too quickly. This therefore enables us to work out harder for longer when taking part in high intensity workouts such as HIIT training.

2. Slouching can cause back problems and shorten your spine

When we slouch, our backs are not in their natural curves, which can lead to back pain and even damage to your spine over time – this is because the discs between each vertebrae (the cushions that act as shock absorbers) become squashed down. This reduces the amount of space between each vertebrae, causing compression and potential back and neck pain.

As well as causing us discomfort, bad posture has also been linked with headaches and migraines due to tense neck muscles caused by hunching forward all day.

3. Good posture will make you look more confident

By standing tall and proud, you will make the impression that you are confident in yourself – whether this is true or not. By using good posture when we speak to people face-to-face, we feel more powerful and therefore convey a sense of confidence to others.

Good posture also makes us look friendlier as it gives us an open body language that makes us look approachable and available for conversation.

4. Standing up straight helps with digestion and getting rid of gas.

When we stand up straight, it causes a downward pressure on the diaphragm, which can help to push food through the digestive system faster. This means you will reduce the chances of bloating.

Good posture can also help to get rid of excess wind from the digestive system, which can be a common cause for people who have problems with flatulence.

5. Good posture can help reduce upper body pain

Good posture can help to prevent pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Having good posture when sitting for long periods of time at a computer is important as it helps to reduce tension in the neck and shoulders. Bad posture while sitting could in fact cause pain in these areas.

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Your posture is also important when standing up at work all day. Good posture will make it easier for you to carry items without straining your back too much. In fact, bad lifting posture can lead to muscle spasms and pains if repeated over time. Maintaining good posture on a daily basis helps our bodies to stay healthy, pain-free, and maintain movement capacity.