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Most businesses are keen to keep their benefits up-to-date, taking advantage of the latest trends to provide an attractive package to their employees.

With that in mind, Dr Nick Summerton, Medical Director of Bluecrest Wellness, was recently interviewed by Personnel Today.

In the full article Dr Summerton advocates a holistic approach to wellness.  Simply encouraging exercise is not always going to be the answer for employees – but empowering staff with a broader set of information can yield far greater benefits.  That’s why Bluecrest has embraced new technology like the iphone Healthkit service, installed on new iphones and which automatically links to your health screening results:


Integrate your health data

Integrate your health data

In addition to a comprehensive health screening encompassing a wide range of health risks, employees have access to ongoing GP telephone support, which – when combined with new technology – can encourage a far more rounded, detailed and proactive stance to managing health and wellbeing.

Employees love it too – meaning that they now get access to the most convenient technology, the most convenient health screening locations and the most cost-effective service in the sector.

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