What does the Active package include?

Your Active Health Screening package includes a fitness assessment (with pulse oximetry), blood tests for liver and kidney function, full lipid panel and check for preventable diabetes (which includes both good and bad cholesterol). You’ll also receive a heart disease and stroke risk assessment, a 12 point biometric body assessment which includes body fat, hydration levels, metabolic age, bone mass and more. Plus you’ll receive a 15 point ECG test which helps you understand your heart rhythm. You even have the reassurance of our GP telephone helpline available 24 hours a day, 365 days per week.

Package Components

24 Hour Support

GP Telephone Helpline

Biometric Analysis

Body Mass Index, Waist to hip ratio / Body Fat Percentage
Visceral Fat rating / Fat Free Mass, Bone Mass / Muscle Mass / Basal Metabolic Rate, Metabolic Age / Hydration Status / Total Body Water % / Metabolic syndrome

Bone Health, Energy and Muscles

Calcium / Corrected Calcium / Phosphate

Cancer Awareness

Breast or Testicular Cancer Awareness / Skin and Oral Cancer Awareness / General Cancer Awareness and Lifestyle Advice

Cholesterol Status

Triglycerides / Cholesterol / HDL Cholesterol / LDL Cholesterol / Total HDL Ratio



ECG Check (15 point)

Heart Rate / Artificial Pacemaker Function / Heart Rhythm Check for AF / Pause, Ectopics, Heart Axis, P-wave Morphology, PR Interval, AV Conduction, Q Wave / QRS Length, QRS Shape, QTc Interval, ST Segment, T-wave Morphology

Fitness Assessment

Resting Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Level

Gout Check

Uric Acid


Total Iron Binding Capacity

Kidney Function

Sodium / Urea / Creatinine / eGFR

Liver Function

ALP / AST / ALT / Gamma GT / Bilirubin

Lung Function

FEV1 & FEV6 / Obstructive Index / Lung Age (for smokers)

Mind and Resilience

PHQ9 and GAD7 Questionnaire

Muscular Health

Dynamometer Test

Musculoskeletal health

Orebro-Bluecrest Back Pain Score


Total Protein / Albumin / Globulin

Stroke and Heart Disease Risk

Peripheral Arterial Disease Assessment / Blood Pressure / Heart Disease and Stroke Risk Assessment / Estimated Heart Age


38 Readings

23 Blood Markers

ECG Trace