What does the Early Cancer package include?

Your Early Cancer Risk Review is a specialist package of checks that combines the measurement of tumour markers in the blood (for prostate, ovarian and pancreatic cancer risk) with a carefully selected range of urine, stool, lung and blood tests. The focus is on the earlier diagnosis of cancer in addition to seeking to reduce the risk of developing cancer in the future. The service is designed to complement and supplement the routine cancer screening currently offered by the NHS in relation to breast cancer and cervical cancer. The service includes a 20 minute telephone consultation with a GP after all laboratory results have been analysed. This GP review includes any symptoms that employees are concerned about.

Package Components

24 Hour Support

GP Telephone Helpline

Cancer Awareness

Breast or Testicular Cancer Awareness / Skin and Oral Cancer Awareness / General Cancer Awareness and Lifestyle Advice

Follow-up consultation

20 minute GP phone consultation to compile a future cancer risk reduction plan

HPV Testing

HPV Self-collection sample kit for women in relation to HPV (which is reported to be responsible for all cervical and some other cancers)

Kidney Function

Sodium / Urea / Creatinine / eGFR

Liver Function

ALP / AST / ALT / Gamma GT / Bilirubin

Lung Function

FEV1 & FEV6 / Obstructive Index / Lung Age (for smokers)

Red Blood Cells

Haemoglobin / Red Blood Cell/Platelets Count / Haematocrit/Mean Cell Volume / Mean Cell Haemoglobin / Concentration

Stomach Cancer Risk

Check for H Pylori stomach bacteria / FIT testing for bowel cancer risk

Urine Analysis

Checking for blood in urine

White Blood Cells

White Cell Count / Neutrophils, Lymphocytes / Monocytes, Eosinophils / Basophils


39 Readings

38 Blood Markers

24 hour GP Helpline