What does the Premier package include?

Your Premier package includes a fitness assessment (with pulse oximetry), blood tests for liver and kidney function, full lipid panel and check for preventable diabetes, heart disease and stroke risk assessment, BMI, Body fat readings and resting ECG (electrocardiogram) test. Your haematology test provides insight into the composition of your blood and you’ll also receive a check for thyroid function. In addition (new for 2018), you’ll also receive tailored clinical advice from our multi-disciplinary medical panel made up from CBT therapists, Nutritionists, Dietitians, Physiotherapists, Wellness Coaches and GPs.

Package Components

24 Hour Support

GP Telephone Helpline

Biometric Analysis

Body Mass Index, Waist to hip ratio / Body Fat Percentage
Visceral Fat rating / Fat Free Mass, Bone Mass / Muscle Mass / Basal Metabolic Rate, Metabolic Age / Hydration Status / Total Body Water % / Metabolic syndrome

Bone Health, Energy and Muscles

Calcium / Corrected Calcium / Phosphate

Cancer Awareness

Breast or Testicular Cancer Awareness / Skin and Oral Cancer Awareness / General Cancer Awareness and Lifestyle Advice

Cholesterol Status

Triglycerides / Cholesterol / HDL Cholesterol / LDL Cholesterol / Total HDL Ratio



ECG Check (15 point)

Heart Rate / Artificial Pacemaker Function / Heart Rhythm Check for AF / Pause, Ectopics, Heart Axis, P-wave Morphology, PR Interval, AV Conduction, Q Wave / QRS Length, QRS Shape, QTc Interval, ST Segment, T-wave Morphology

Fitness Assessment

Resting Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Level

Gout Check

Uric Acid


T4 Thyroid Test


Total Iron Binding Capacity

Kidney Function

Sodium / Urea / Creatinine / eGFR

Liver Fibrosis (FIB4) assessment


Liver Function

ALP / AST / ALT / Gamma GT / Bilirubin

Lung Function

FEV1 & FEV6 / Obstructive Index / Lung Age (for smokers)

Mind and Resilience

PHQ9 and GAD7 Questionnaire

Muscular Health

Dynamometer Test

Musculoskeletal health

Orebro-Bluecrest Back Pain Score


Total Protein / Albumin / Globulin

Red Blood Cells

Haemoglobin / Red Blood Cell/Platelets Count / Haematocrit/Mean Cell Volume / Mean Cell Haemoglobin / Concentration

Stroke and Heart Disease Risk

Peripheral Arterial Disease Assessment / Blood Pressure / Heart Disease and Stroke Risk Assessment / Estimated Heart Age

White Blood Cells

White Cell Count / Neutrophils, Lymphocytes / Monocytes, Eosinophils / Basophils


39 Readings

38 Blood Markers

MDT Access