Become a more active employer with help for cyclists

Workplace cycling:  Cycling to work has long been supported by the government in recognition of the fact that there can be many health & wellbeing benefits

  • Cycling can be good for your staff – Research outlined below indicates that active employees take 27% fewer sick days than inactive employees *
  • You can become a more attractive employer.  Studies show that following the introduction o a cycling schemen, staff turnover can be reduced by between 8% and 13% **
  • PLUS, it improved the environmental credentials of your business and could significantly reduce your organisation’s carbon emissions

In addition to tax-favourable bike purchase schemes, often available as part of a flexible benefits programme, there is now ADDITIONAL resources to assist with

  1. Cycle parking
  2. Commuter cycle training
  3. Cycle safety check sessions

For those who are interested in the range of additional support options available, check out the new “Workplace Package”

For London employers, this information is helpful, in implementing a scheme and taking advantage of all the FREE resources available to eligible companies:


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* Mersey DJ, Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise, Postgrad Med 1991;90: 103-7 and 110-2

** As outlined by research – Sustrans, Active Commuting for your Business

Bluecrest Health Screening supports all new initiatives to help employers promote healthy lifestyles within the workplace.  Initiatives can become part of a total wellbeing strategy with health screening as an element to understand the health of your workforce.