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Want to be a top employer? Bluecrest can help you get the best for your staff.

Choose Bluecrest and give your people new and better ways to be rewarded in a way that benefits both them and your business. Health benefits are viewed as very high value among employees and are a really visible way for companies to show they care for their staff. Yet the cost can be as little as £49 per employee. In fact, you could probably offer health benefits to twenty people or more for less than the cost of a day's sickness. Measurable returns for you

Health Screening

Our Health Screening service directly addresses some of the most common health concerns that directly affect your businesses. We offer full laboratory testing for key health indicators and advanced cardiac analysis of heart disease risks. Extra features also cover mind and body, musculoskeletal health and more ... More about Health Screening

Health Awareness

If you're looking for something less in-depth than a full health screening, then Health Awareness days could be the right solution for your staff. Your staff will receive finger prick blood assessments and basic 'Know your numbers' information and advice to help put health high on the agenda and create buzz around the office ...
More about Health Awareness