Advanced new screening for lung cancer available now at Bluecrest

Recent media has announced new evidence to support the benefits of early lung cancer screening tests.

While some hospital based screenings use x-rays to look at the lungs – or in some instances, CT scans are sometimes offered – any screening has to weight up the benefits as well as the risks.  For example, by using x-rays, by the time lung cancer is detected, the tumour has normally progressed to such a size, the outcome for the patient is normally well progressed.   With CT imaging, there is a risk associated with a relatively high number of “false positive” results that may result in further investigations that may prove unnecessary.

The earlier lung cancers are detected, better and more effective treatment options can be provided.  That is why a new trial gives evidence to support advanced blood tests, now available at Bluecrest:

It is important that the full context of these screening tests are explained to customers.  A negative result does not mean that a person will never get the condition – and a positive result does not always mean that a person has the condition.  This is also outlined within the details of the documents linked to above.  However, despite these caveats, it is very promising that a new early detection screening test is now looking so promising in these large scale trials – with results showing an 81% early cancer detection rate, as shown in this 10,000 randomised population sample.