Alcohol, Stroke and Heart Disease

Stroke Risks: New research is helping further understand links between various diseases, lifestyle factors and health conditions.

The University of Eastern Finland has produced a study relating to stroke, that helps understand the extent to which “binge drinking was associated with increased atherosclerotic progression”

Atherosclerosis is a condition whereby the arteries become damaged over time.  Your Bluecrest Health Screening includes various tests related to this.  For example, the Peripheral Arterial Disease check is related to atherosclerosis.

  • In this new study, the progression of atherosclerosis was increased among men who consumed 6 drinks or more on one occasion.
  • The study also indicates that the risk of stroke increased among men who had at least one hangover per year. And that drinking significant volumes of alcohol more than 2 times per week increased the risk of death from stroke in men.
  • Other known factors such as hypertension further increased the risk of stroke.

With respect to alcohol consumption, if you don’t know your limits, you may find the Drinkaware unit calculator a helpful tool.

Excessive alcohol consumption has long been known to be associated with a wide range of medical conditions.

In addition, important risk factors for stroke include the following:

  • hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • coronary artery disease
  • cardiac insufficiency
  • atrial fibrillation
  • type 2 diabetes
  • smoking
  • being overweight
  • elevated levels of cholesterol

Your Bluecrest Health check includes a full biochemistry (liver and kidney function) blood test, so in addition to reviewing many of the aspects outlined above, you will also have an analysis of liver and kidney function.

As with most health concerns, early awareness of risk factors and attention to reducing them is key to helping live a healthier longer life.