All about Bluecrest Wellness

At Bluecrest Wellness, we deliver health assessments – but more importantly, we empower businesses and the people that work for them through the health insight and information they provide.

We believe that prevention is better than the cure, and that knowledge is power.

It’s our job to help businesses understand the potential health issues impacting their workforce, and people understand more about their own health – so they can stay well and live well.

Who are Bluecrest Wellness?

We’re a preventative health assessment company established in 2012 to fill a gap in the market for affordable, practical, and proactive health checks.

We now deliver more than 100,000 health assessments a year, and we’ve helped thousands of people spot early risk factors, make informed choices, change habits and find peace of mind.

We’ve also helped hundreds of businesses re-shape their benefits, and in doing so engage staff, attract talent, reduce absences – and create a proactive health and wellbeing strategy that can be tracked over time.

What is a Health Assessment?

A health assessment is like a full body MOT. It takes around 30 minutes, and involves a series of tests and checks – including things like a blood test and ECG – designed to give your people an overview of their current health, and the inside track of what’s going on inside.

There are different combinations of tests depending on the package that’s been chosen, but they include things like liver and kidney function, cholesterol, thyroid, glucose, iron and protein levels, musculoskeletal health, stroke risk, cancer risk, mental health and more.

People get their results online in 10 days, and a full written report in around 3 weeks. Bluecrest Wellness explain what they’re seeing in plain English, flag anything that might need attention, and provide 24/7 video or telephone GP support to answer any questions or queries.

Businesses with more than 60 employees can get an aggregated, anonymous report, too – so they can start to build a picture of the health of their workforce, potential risks, and potential solutions.

Why is Bluecrest Wellness different?

Lots of health benefits only kick in when someone actually gets ill – at Bluecrest Wellness we’re all about helping and supporting BEFORE that happens.

What’s more, we think that everyone at every level of your organisation should be able to take control of their own health.

That’s why we created something that could be flexible, affordable – and practical. Here’s what really makes us different:

 We’re convenient

We bring our health assessments out to your workplace, or we bring your people to a comfortable and easy to access venue nearby (we run more than 2,000 mobile clinics a year) – breaking down physical and psychological barriers to testing.

Once people are there, appointments take less time than your average lunch hour, so it’s quick and easy to fit into anyone’s day.

We’re flexible

You can tailor your package to your business and staff needs, covering some of the key things you and your people need to know about, and we can dovetail with your existing health and wellbeing provision – from Private Medical Insurance to cash plans.

We’re constructive

We give you data you can actually USE.

If you’ve got more than 60 people taking up their health assessment, you’ll get an aggregated and anonymised management information report that can be used to spot health trends, track health risks, and develop interventions.

Data can also be used to effectively monitor progress – and show the wider impact of your health and wellbeing strategy over time.

We’re affordable

Bluecrest Wellness health assessments are an inclusive way to extend real and relevant health benefits to the whole of your workforce within a range of budgets. Our packages start at £99 per person or £39 for our home test kits.

We care

We care about your people. Their reports are available digitally in 10,. days and they will receive a hard copy version of their report in 21-28 days. We also make sure they’re easy to read and understand. Our 24/7 GP line is open for any questions or queries, so no one is left with results they don’t understand.

We also care about making our health assessments work for you and your business. We’ll help you find the right solution, help you launch it to your teams to create a buzz about Bluecrest – and talk you through your results report and next steps.

 We deliver quality

Bluecrest Wellness is clinically led, and we have a robust testing system. We keep costs low through our flexible delivery model, for instance with our mobile testing suites.

 How do I get the most out of Bluecrest Wellness?

The key to getting to the most out of Bluecrest Wellness is staff engagement.

The more people that go for their assessment, the more people are seeing its practical benefits and appreciating your investment – and the more data you’ll have to understand how you can keep your workforce in tip top condition, and where to focus your health and wellbeing initiatives.

Your Account Manager can help you create a buzz about Bluecrest – at any point over the year. We provide a mini-marketing toolkit to help you engage staff, and send out our own invites reminding people their Bluecrest Wellness assessment is available. But it’s important to keep the momentum up in your internal communications, too, and use any health awareness campaigns or fundraising to remind people we’re here to help them get on top of their health and in front of their risks.

You can also talk to your Account Manager about things like our own Health Awareness Days, or onsite testing to make it even easier for people to participate.

We’re on hand too to help talk you through your report, understand what you’re seeing, look for trends, and decide how the information might inform health and wellbeing activities, and how to track the results.

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