Grip Strength and Diabetes

Poor grip strength may be linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Research published in the journal Diabetes Care has found that people with diabetes who have strong grips are more likely to live longer than those with weaker grip strengths.  In the study, those with a stronger grip were also shown to have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The research was undertaken by the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences.  In the study, researchers compared the records of 347,130 adults from a large health database to determine the relationships between grip strength, diabetes and other health problems.

Over an average of five years, researchers found that 4,301 had developed cardiovascular disease, and 6,209 had passed away. The majority of participants in the study had Type 2 Diabetes, but were a mix of genders and age groups.

The study concluded that people with diabetes and stronger grips had a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and ultimately, a lower risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease.  Researchers involved in the study are encouraging those with diabetes to remember the importance of maintaining muscle strength and participating in regular physical activity in order to reduce the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease.