Health Screening for Alzheimer’s Edges Closer?

Bluecrest Health Screening is one of the the UK’s largest mobile health screening organisations, screening approximately 2000 people per week. Bluecrest Health Screening primarily uses blood tests for the early detection of illness. Given the aforementioned Bluecrest Health Screening was extremely interested to learn that researchers are getting closer to developing a blood test that could potentially diagnose Alzheimer’s; a disease which negatively impacts thousands of people across the UK.

The team at the Saarland University in German analysed 140 microRNAs, which are tiny fragments of genetic code, in patients with the disease Alzheimers and individuals who are healthy. They found micro RNAs in the blood at markedly different levels in the patients with Alzheimers – this was the foundation of their research.

The test was 93% accurate of the time in trials on 202 people.

There is presently no definitive way of identifying Alzheimers, doctors rely primarily on brain scans of on cognition tests. This new blood test could herald a huge step forward in early diagnosis and or brain health screening.

Alzheimer disease starts years before symptoms appear and it is believed that future treatments need to be started before large parts of the brain are destroyed. This is why early detection is so important and the progress made in the development of a blood test so important.

As always more research is needed, but this certainly feels like a step in the right direction.