Imperial College Stroke Research

New stroke research – environmental factors

Imperial College is a valuable source of data into the risks and causes of serious conditions such as stroke research.

There has been media coverage today on their latest piece of research which focuses on potential outside environmental factors that can influence risk.

  • Researchers at Imperial College London and King’s College London compared data on day and night-time aircraft noise with hospital admissions and mortality rates among a population of 3.6 million people living near Heathrow airport in west London.
  • Their study comments that risks may be around 10% to 20% higher in areas with highest levels of aircraft noise compared to the areas with least noise.

Dr Anna Hansell, from Imperial College London, said: “The exact role that noise exposure may play in ill health is not well established….However, it is plausible that it might be contributing – for example, by raising blood pressure or by disturbing people’s sleep.”  It is suggested that the day and night time aircraft exposure warrants further research on the impact.

The researchers made adjustments to their statistics to remove the element of results being skewed by other factors that may be related to stroke and heart disease risks, such as deprivation, South Asian ethnicity and smoking-related illness.

For more information on this particular piece of research, see the BBC coverage .

Bluecrest Health Screening welcomes all stroke research and analysis of environmental factors that can influence medical conditions, helping to broaden the academic study of risk factors.