New Bluecrest test featured in the news

Bluecrest is pleased to add another new test to the range of choices you have when you choose a preventive health check with us.  The Dynamometer measures grip strength and is relevant to physical resilience.  It’s a quick and easy test to perform during your appointment, at the same time as you are having your full health screening.

See this page in The Telegraph for details of the research that suggests the strength of a person’s grip may be useful as a predictor for the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Naturally, there are many other tests that are important and this is just one small addition to your package – but is a good indication of how Bluecrest are at the forefront of the sector, bringing in new and relevant checks wherever appropriate.

Your Bluecrest service is intended to help you get a fuller picture of your overall health and wellbeing so you can take a proactive stance to taking control of your health.  Most packages include 53 or more different health metrics, with detailed explanations of what they mean for you, presented to you in an industry leading high quality results report.

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