Vascular Disease Awareness

The Circulation Foundation is the only dedicated vascular charity in the UK. And each September, the charity aims to raise awareness of vascular diseases and promote the excellent work of their staff and volunteers.  Previous years themes have included “Step it up for September”, which focussed on exercise, healthy eating, stopping smoking, fundraising and raising awareness of vascular disease, and “Healthy Living, Healthy Circulation”, which focussed on helping raise awareness of risk factors for Vascular disease, and what people can do to lower their risks.

Vascular disease is the collective term for abnormalities and diseases of the veins, arteries and capillaries. Problems in these areas are common and varied, and if left untreated can become very serious. In fact, almost any part of the body can be affected.  Some of the most common vascular diseases include stroke, peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA).

A main cause of vascular diseases is hardening of the arteries, due to a thickening of the arterial wall.  Hardening or furring of the arteries is also known as atherosclerosis.  Often, it’s caused by an accumulation of calcium, cholesterol and fatty deposits in plaques on artery walls.  Many vascular diseases can be treated through lifestyle changes and medication.

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