Nutritional Therapy


Nutritional Therapy Consultation (30 minutes)

You will receive a 30 minute virtual consultation via Zoom with our very own Head of Nutrition and Dietary Services and registered dietitian Helen Phadnis. Helen will provide a thorough Nutrition Assessment and a Bespoke Nutrition Action Plan relevant to your Bluecrest assessment results and your own baseline habits.

Enhanced Nutritional Therapy Consultation

Get the most from your Nutrition Therapy Consultation by upgrading in order to receive the Libro calorie and nutrient tracking app and these associated services from your dietitian:

  • Nutritics baseline nutrition analysis report – how your baseline intake compares to ideal nutritional intake for someone of your age, gender and activity level. This report details calories, macronutrients and micronutrients, plus specific recommendations of where to find the nutrients you are short of, and why your body needs them.
  • Recommended meal plan with a breakdown of the nutrition this provides as an example of how to implement your Bespoke Nutrition Action Plan.
  • Ongoing access to Libro calorie and nutrient tracker app enabling you to self-monitor your progress while implementing your nutrition plan.