Private Health Assessments

Bluecrest’s health assessments consist of comprehensive full body Health MOTs covering key health readings, ranging from liver and kidney function measurement, stroke risk, general health markers including cholesterol level, blood pressure and diabetes assessments. You can have a health assessment done at one of over 2,000 mobile clinics nationwide, set in comfortable meeting rooms within carefully selected hotels and conference centres. And with prices starting from just £149, you will receive great value from your health assessment.

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Health Assessments available

We have three main levels of health assessment packages available: our Active, Core, and Complete health MOTs. The various levels of testing offered will allow you to find an option that is suited to your own personal needs.

Health MOTs


£ 149

Key readings covering your heart health and stroke risk, liver and kidney health and general health markers.

£290 when bought separately

22 Blood Readings - 5 Other Tests - 24/7 GP Helpline

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Health MOTs


£ 179

Includes a blood health profile assessing risk from infection, inflammation, and anaemia

£330 when bought separately

29 Blood Readings - 6 Clinician Tests - 24/7 GP Helpline

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Health MOTs


£ 279

Includes a private GP consultation and a PLAC test to check your artery health.

£430 when bought separately

32 Blood Readings - 6 Clinician Checks - GP Consultation - 24/7 GP Helpline

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What is a health assessment?

Health assessments consist of a series of non-invasive tests measuring up to 38 health readings, thereby providing you with a detailed view of your health. Depending on the package level chosen, the examinations undertaken on the day may include blood tests, a 6-lead ECG (electrocardiogram), a lung test, a blood pressure check, and a body composition scan.

Health assessments (also sometimes referred to as ‘health screenings’) measure a wide array of health markers to help you understand what is happening inside of your body.  It is important to note that our health checks are for people without symptoms. They are not a substitute for the NHS, and you should contact your GP if you are concerned about your health or are experiencing symptoms.

Why have a health assessment?

Our health assessments provide you with an opportunity to track and improve your health. Many conditions are symptomless in the early stages and can be improved with simple lifestyle changes (such as diet changes, supplementation, and exercise). Therefore, pinpointing the areas needing improvement can help avoid complications in the future by giving you the knowledge and motivation needed to improve.

Subsequently, you may want to have regular health checks to monitor the changes in your body as you work on improving the areas flagged as needing improvement. This provides a great source of motivation and reassurance that your efforts are positively affecting your health.

How does a health assessment work?

Depending on the package chosen, you will have the following tests on the day of your health assessment:

  • Background information: You will be asked a series of questions regarding your health and lifestyle. Your answers are strictly private and confidential, and will be used in the context of analysing your results.
  • Biometric analysis: Your height will be measured you will be asked to step on a professional smart scale to measure several other parameters including weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage.
  • Blood test: A small sample of blood will be drawn from your inner arm with a needle.
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram): A 6-lead ECG test will be used to record the trace of your heart rhythm. This is done by sticking sensors to your arms, legs and chest and recording your heart rhythm for approximately one minute.
  • Lung Function Test: This quick test simply involves breathing out into a recording device. You will be asked to take a deep breath and then breathe out as much air as possible into the tube with one powerful and long outbreath.

You will not need to get undressed during your health assessment as you will only need to take off your shoes and socks for the biometric analysis. Your appointment will be led by one of our fully trained and qualified phlebotomists, and should take between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the level of testing chosen.

How do I receive my results?

After you have had your appointment, you will be able to view your results on your own secure online MyWellness account. Your results will be available within two weeks of your appointment and you will be notified by email once they are available to view. You will also receive a hardcopy version through the post within 21 days for the UK and 28 days for ROI.

As a complimentary extra, you will also have access to our 24/7 GP helpline for a year, which you can use whether you have a query about one of your results or just need some general health advice.

Bluecrest Wellness’ Health Assessment reviews

We have carried out over 440,000 health checks since we were established in 2012, and have a lot of satisfied customers who are happy to share their views on our health assessments. You can read about their experience with us below:

Frequently asked questions

The FAQs below aim to cover any questions you may have about our health assessments. If you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, feel free to call us on 0800 652 2183 or email us at