Private prostate specific antigen test (PSA)

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A Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test assesses PSA levels to offer crucial insights into your prostate health. Elevated PSA levels may signal potential health concerns, making this test a key tool for early detection and proactive men’s healthcare.

Our private PSA tests are quick, easy and most appointments only last 20 - 30 minutes. With over 350 testing venues across England and Ireland, you’ll find a date, time and venue convenient for you.

A private PSA test is part of our comprehensive private health checks. It can also be added as an extra individual test to many of our existing full body health packages.

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How it works

How it works

1. Select and book your package

View our health test packages and book a full body private health check. All our individual tests can be added to any of our private health check packages. Just call our team on 0800 652 2183 before your appointment to add an extra test.

2. Make an appointment

Choose the venue, date and time that suits you. With over 2000 appointments available nationwide every week, you're sure to find a convenient time, date and venue.

3. Attend your appointment

A trained phlebotomist will carry out your blood test. The whole process only takes around 20 - 30 minutes.

4. Fast, accurate results within 8 days

Within around 8 days, you'll receive your personalised digital Results Report.

What is a private prostate cancer risk (PSA) test?

The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test measures PSA levels in the blood, offering insights into potential prostate cancer risk. PSA is a protein produced by the prostate gland. Elevated PSA levels can signal a range of prostate-related issues, from benign conditions to prostate cancer.

The PSA blood test measures the amount of PSA in the blood, providing an indication of potential issues with the prostate. It's important to note that while elevated PSA levels may raise suspicion, they are not conclusive evidence of prostate cancer. Other factors, such as age, overall health, and family history, need to be considered in conjunction with the PSA results.

Elevated PSA levels may prompt further diagnostic procedures, such as a digital rectal exam (DRE) or a prostate MRI or biopsy, to confirm the presence of prostate cancer.

Why would I need a private prostate cancer risk (PSA) test?

Regular PSA testing is often used as part of prostate cancer detection, especially in men over 50. It can help you uncover key insights into your prostate health. A PSA test can help you:

  • Gain important insights into your overall prostate health and help detect early any potential concerns.
  • It serves as a benchmark for future monitoring, specifically tracking PSA level changes and their impact on your prostate health over time.
  • Proactively detect early signs of prostate issues, which is particularly important if you have risk factors or a family history of prostate conditions.
  • Monitor pre-existing prostate conditions.

Your Results Explained in Detail

Your Results Report explains each one of your test results in detail, with no confusing medical jargon. You’ll receive the actual reading for every test we've run, with each result given a 'flag' of green, amber or red.

Green results are within the recommended range for your age and sex; amber results are slightly outside what we'd normally expect; and red results are further outside the norm.

Where a result is amber or red, we'll give follow up advice on what to do next - whether that's making lifestyle changes, simply monitoring the result, or visiting a specialist for further investigation.

Private Health Checks for complete peace of mind

Our full body private health checks are designed for busy people who want to take control of their health. Our tests are quick, accurate, convenient and completely stress-free. No waiting for an appointment, no invasive procedures, no embarrassing questions, no long travel times and no busy waiting rooms.

Trained phlebotomists carry out all tests in over 350 venues across the UK and Ireland, so you get accurate professional health checks within 20 minutes of your home. Our private health checks include all the tests you need to take a proactive approach to monitoring and improving your health.

A PSA blood test can be added to any full body health check. Just book one of our full body private health assessments and call us before your appointment to add an extra test.

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