About Us

Our mission.

Empowering businesses and their people through health insight and information. At Bluecrest Wellness we’re empowering businesses and the people that work for them through health insight and information. We believe prevention is better than the cure, and we help businesses understand the health issues impacting their workforce. In turn, we empower people by helping them understand more about their own health so they can live well and stay well.

Bluecrest Wellness Managing Director, Peter Blencowe, standing in a health assessment room

You can choose to have a Bluecrest health check at one of over 10,000 mobile clinics at 400 venues nationwide. Our clinics are usually setup in meeting rooms within comfortable hotel or conference centres. Not only does this mean convenience – you and your employees should find a clinic within a 10-minute journey from your home or work – it also means we keep our overheads low. The savings we make we’re therefore able to pass directly onto you.

You can choose from a range of flexible health checks for your team and because we are more affordable you can choose to cover more of your workforce. We offer checks for heart disease, cholesterol, glucose, liver function, kidney function, digestive disorders, bowel health, anaemia and many more. We undertook over 100,000 health checks in 2022.

Bluecrest was founded to fill a gap in the private health checks sector for an affordable and convenient health assessment option without compromising on high quality and clinical robustness.

Our Team

Meet some of the key people working for Bluecrest!

Peter Blencowe profile
Managing Director

Peter Blencowe

Peter takes a hands-on approach in leading the delivery of Bluecrest’s integral business strategy. With an extensive background in the health and wellbeing sector, specialising in preventive health services, Peter is responsible for the continued success of Bluecrest.

Alexander Higman profile
Operations Director

Alexander Higman

Alex is a Senior Associate at The Royal Society of Medicine and a Chartered Member of the CIPD. With over 15 years’ experience in the health sector, Alex brings his skills in delivering results in recruitment, coaching, HR policies, operations, and Performance Management.

Jon Darby profile
Corporate Director

Jon Darby

Jon is responsible for direct corporate sales, intermediary relationships and retention of existing clients. From his previous positions as Managing Director of Secure Health and Head of SME Propositions at AXA Health, Jon brings a wealth of experience in corporate health.

Dr Toby Donati profile
Chief Medical Officer

Dr Toby Donati

Dr Donati gained his medical degree at Norwich Medical School and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Global Health from the University of Manchester. As Chief Medical Officer, he oversees clinical operations, leads on quality improvement and helps with regulatory compliance.

Emily Wilson profile
Governance Lead

Emily Wilson

Emily supports the delivery of Bluecrest’s strategic aims and manages the administration for the HR and Finance Departments. She also supports project delivery and oversees policy implementation, ensuring Bluecrest and our services are fully compliant.

Craig Wilmott profile
Director of Product and Proposition

Craig Wilmott

Craig is responsible for ensuring Bluecrest’s products and services are central to our customers’ needs, using customer feedback to shape our core proposition. Craig’s knowledge comes from over 10 years’ experience in Marketing for B2B and B2C audiences.

Laurel Bruce-Hay profile
Head of Field Operations

Laurel Bruce-Hay

Laurel is responsible for the coordination and delivery of our health assessments. She focusses on managing our team of Health Assessment Specialists and our Events team, using customer feedback to ensure our services and venues are of the highest standard possible.

Helen Phadnis profile
Head of Nutrition and Dietary Services

Helen Phadnis

As a registered Dietitian, Helen has an extensive background in the medical sector, having worked for the NHS as well as a private practice for over 15 years. She is fully registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Dietetic Association (BDA).

David Dixon profile
Finance Director

David Dixon

David is responsible for the management and planning of departmental budgets and ensuring alignment to KPIs are linked to excellent customer service. His knowledge comes from a background in the health and wellbeing, hospitality and pharmaceutical sectors.

Neil Bennett profile
Chief Technology Officer

Neil Bennett

Neil manages the direction and delivery of our IT and development plans. His experience managing agile technology teams to create effective systems and IT solutions was shaped by his time as IT Director and Head of Engineering at Health-on-Line and AXA Health.

Oleg Kent profile
Head of Internal Ops

Oleg Kent

Oleg has over 15 years’ experience in Management and Customer Satisfaction. Responsible for managing the Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Results & Quality Assurance teams, his customer-focused attitude ensures customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do.