Home Test Kits

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Look after your employees’ mental and physical health wherever they’re based.

Our convenient home test kits have been designed to help your employees understand their key health markers, while also addressing any mental health concerns they may have, all from the comfort of their own home. All our home test kits come with a complementary webcam coaching session with one of our fully trained Health Coaches, to help guide your employees through the sample collection process – we’re the first provider to offer this valuable service!

What packages do we


Take a look at the packages we offer for your employees to use at home, at their convenience, to better understand their health and wellbeing.

Business Employees

Entry Home Test Kit


Our Entry Home Test Kit includes a full cholesterol level breakdown, a MSK assessment, emotional wellbeing support, and more.

Business Employees

Base Home Test Kit


Our Base Home Test Kit includes 21 key blood readings, ranging from essential proteins and iron stores, to liver and kidney function.

Business Employees

Extra Home Test Kit


Our Extra Home Test Kit includes a full blood count to assess blood health and immune system.

Business Employees

Total Home Test Kit


Our Total Home Test Kit is our most comprehensive package which assesses Vitamin D and thyroid function. Emotional wellbeing and a MSK assessment is also included.