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As a medical communications company, Ashfield MedComms, an Inizio Company, knows from the inside out the importance of preventative healthcare – which is why they bought Bluecrest Wellness health checks for all 800+ UK based members of staff.

Elisabetta Floris is HR Coordinator at the company, which works with medical and pharmaceutical clients to communicate cutting edge healthcare data to diverse audiences around the world

She says: “We’re part of the healthcare industry. We analyse medical data and help present it in ways that inform and inspire audiences – and that means through our work we’ve seen the evidence of how preventative medicine really can help improve and even save lives.”

Investing in people’s


“After COVID, it seemed more important than ever to invest in and support the long-term health of our people. Bluecrest Wellness gave us something that could work for our entire UK team, complimented our existing EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) helpline - and could help us shape our health and wellbeing strategy going forwards.”

Ashfield MedComms UK employees all have the Bluecrest Wellness Empower package, which means they get heart, kidney, liver and blood health tests, an emotional and mental wellbeing consultation, and musculoskeletal motor function scan. They can repeat the health assessment every other year, and in the meantime get access to a 24/7 GP helpline.

Elisabetta continues: “We decided to run a couple of on-site health assessment days in our head office in Macclesfield, to make it as easy as possible for people to attend and fit it into their day. It went down very well, and more than half of our staff attended.

“Since then, we’ve had very good feedback. Some team members advised they had markers highlighted in their blood tests of conditions they weren’t aware they had – including things like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and liver issues.”

Putting the data to


“We’ve also received an anonymised company-wide report, that has helped us spot trends and areas we need to look at as a company,” Elisabetta says. “The detail is really thorough, and we’re using it to help us develop an updated health and wellbeing programme for next year, and to track our progress over time. The first step will be an infographic to engage staff in the results, and then introduce initiatives to tackle some of the issues we’ve spotted.

“As you can imagine, our medical writers and our employees in general spend a lot of time sat down at desks, and we think our focus will be on healthy living and lifestyle changes. At the end of the day, a healthier workforce is a happier and more productive one – and that’s a win-win situation for everybody.

“I would say to any other businesses that this isn’t something that is just nice to have – it’s something that can make a real difference to your organisation. In fact, I’ve already recommended Bluecrest Wellness to other people. You get great customer service, incredibly professional clinical care, detailed personal reports - and strategic data you can use to build and benchmark your health and wellbeing strategy.”