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JTI (Japan Tobacco International) employs hundreds of people in offices and field teams across the UK. Taking care of their people is a priority, and Bluecrest Wellness checks are a valued part of the package.

Becca Kitchen is a Reward Advisor for the company, which makes some of the world’s best known tobacco and vaping brands. She explains: “For us the equation is simple – the more we support the health and wellbeing of our people, the better our business is.

“It’s vital we attract and retain brilliant people and make JTI one of the best places to work in the UK. Health and wellbeing are an important part of our rewards package; we provide a number of health-related benefits including private medical insurance, an employee assistance program, occupational health services, eyecare vouchers – and Bluecrest Wellness.

“Bluecrest Wellness assessments are company funded and offered to all employees every two years to provide preventative care – with the idea that people can spot issues early and then use other benefits, like our private health insurance, if they need to get anything seen to.”



JTI employees can book an appointment at a clinic near to them, but Bluecrest Wellness have also run health assessment days on site – making it even easier and more convenient for people to fit it in.

The tests include blood readings for a wide range of health indicators including heart disease and stroke assessment, blood health, cholesterol and diabetes risk.

Becca continues: “Having Bluecrest Wellness come out to us just makes it really simple and convenient for people to take part and we get really good feedback from an employee experience perspective.

“In our staff satisfaction surveys, it’s consistently one of the top-rated benefits and it gives people great peace of mind. From a corporate perspective, it also gives us data in the form of company-wide health reports which, alongside data from our other health providers, has informed our health and wellbeing strategy over the last three years.”

Health and wellbeing


“One thing we found out from the aggregated health data was that many employees were dehydrated, some were overweight and there were other health problems associated with not moving enough or eating well. Physical Wellbeing has therefore been a key focus in the last few years and we’ve organised campaigns such as a Nutrition and Hydration week and our Move for May campaign with tips, tricks and progress reports on our internal Workplace.

“We’ve been very happy with the service from Bluecrest Wellness. It’s really comprehensive, the team are incredibly responsive and the post-test support services have been great. It’s also set at a great price point we’re happy to pay. It means we can purchase a health assessment for employees without them having to contribute out of their own pocket. But, employees can choose to pay for an assessment for their family members – so we’re opening the door for better extended health support too.”

Keeping people in


“We’d absolutely recommend Bluecrest Wellness to other businesses which is why we’ve now worked with them for several years. We’ve found the key is in communications, encouraging sign-up and making sure employees know what it’s all about.

“It’s lovely to be able to work in a department where what you do is appreciated and so well-received. Rewards and benefits are one of the things that keep people in companies, improve engagement, productivity and satisfaction. At JTI, Bluecrest Wellness is definitely a part of that picture.”