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Employee health check packages

Choose from our range of popular health check packages or create your own bespoke package of health assessments for your employees.

Early Cancer Risk

£ 269 per employee

Our Early Cancer Risk package uses a range of advanced blood, stool and urine tests focused on assessing cancer risk.

Tailor Made

£ 399 per employee

Building on a core package of tests, extra checks are added based on your answers to a confidential questionnaire.

Prevention Plus

£ 99 per employee

Includes blood tests for lung, liver and kidney function, full lipid panel and check for preventable diabetes, fitness assessment and more.


£ 169 per employee

Building on the Essential package, the Enhanced package includes a full blood count to check blood health, a liver fibrosis test and an ovarian or prostate cancer risk test (for those aged 40+). For the under 40s, the ovarian or prostate test will be substituted for a stomach cancer risk test, which is medically appropriate for that age group.


£ 269 per employee

The Premier health check gives a comprehensive overview of your health, physical fitness and mental wellbeing; with an extra thyroid test and urinalysis, plus follow-up advice from our clinical team.