Prevention Plus


Includes a fitness assessment (with pulse oximetry), blood tests for liver and kidney function, full lipid panel to check cholesterol levels and check for preventable diabetes, heart disease risk assessment, BMI, body fat readings and body composition scan and more.

25 Readings
23 Blood Markers
GP Helpline



In addition to all the Prevention Plus checks, you will also receive a resting ECG test which is important for understanding heart rhythm and identifying irregularities. You also have the reassurance of ongoing health support with access to a 24/7 private GP helpline.

38 Readings
23 Blood Markers
ECG Trace



Offering an additional haematology test which provides insight into the composition of your blood with readings such as volume of red and white blood cells, haemoglobin content and platelet counts. Also includes a prostate (PSA) or ovarian (CA-125) cancer risk test.

39 Readings
37 Blood Markers



Your Executive package includes an additional test for thyroid function, information about posture and musculoskeletal health. You'll also receive support from a GP, Dietitians, and CBT counselling as required to build a personalised 12-month Health Action Plan.

39 Readings
38 Blood Markers
MDT Access


Early Cancer


Cancer Risk is a specialist package of checks that combines the measurement of tumour markers in the blood (for prostate, ovarian and pancreatic cancer risk) with a carefully selected range of urine, stool, lung and blood tests. We focus on early diagnosis in addition to seeking to reduce future risk.

Tailor Made


Bluecrest's Tailor-Made service is designed for those who want a screening tailored to their precise needs. Building on a core package of tests, additional checks are added based on each of your individual employees' age, gender, lifestyle, personal and family medical history.

Bluecrest’s health screening services have been very well received by our clients and we have seen consistently high levels of employee engagement in the benefit. Bluecrest have helped changed the perception of health screening from an expensive board level executive perk to a product which is accessible and affordable for most employees. The administration is light touch and if we do have any questions or queries the team at Bluecrest are very responsive.