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Our Antibody test can tell you whether you have previously been infected with coronavirus. As a government recognised private provider for general COVID-19 testing, Bluecrest can offer both Antibody and PCR home test kits. For a test to see if you currently have coronavirus, please choose our PCR home test kit.


Covid-19 Antibody Home Test Kit

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Antibody Home Test Kit

The Antibody kit is a simple and efficient way to find out whether you have previously had the COVID-19 infection and now have the antibodies to aid with immunity*. The Antibody kit can be delivered straight to your front door and contains everything you need to take and return your finger-prick blood sample, including step-by-step instructions and prepaid shipping. Please note the Antibody home test kit is only suitable for ages 18+.

What’s included?

Each Antibody self-collection kit contains everything you need to take a safe finger-prick blood sample:

  • Clear set of instructions
  • Sample collection tube
  • Protective packing wallet
  • Self-adhesive name label (for the sample tube)
  • 2x lancets
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Laboratory test order form to complete
  • Pre-paid Royal mail tracked service label
  • Pre-addressed envelope

Once you’ve completed your test and sent your sample back to the lab, you’ll receive your full results by email or SMS within 2 working days of your sample reaching the lab.

*There is at present no clear data on how long COVID-19 antibodies remain in the body, or what concentration of antibodies in the blood may be needed for people to retain immunity.

*Full price based on purchasing tests individually. Discount applied for purchasing tests as a package. All our tests have been specially designed to be convenient and non-invasive. Once you’ve booked your appointment, full preparation instructions will be provided in your confirmation email or letter. You can continue to eat and drink normally before your appointment, and you’ll also remain fully clothed throughout.


Covid-19 Antibody Home Test Kit

£65.00 Book now

How it works

Order your sample kit simply and securely online

Select how many kits you would like and place your order.

2. Receive your kit at home via post

Your kit will be delivered to you within 2 working days.

3. Collect your sample and return the kit via your nearest post box

The Antibody test takes an average of 10 minutes to complete

4. Results available within 2 working days of reaching the lab

You’ll receive your results by email or SMS once they are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the Antibody test take?

    The Antibody home test kit usually takes around 10 minutes to complete.

  • When will I receive my results?

    Full results will be sent to you by email or SMS within 2 working days of the samples being received by the lab.

  • What proof of result will I receive?

    Your results will include a summary of the test result (either positive, negative, or inconclusive), testing date, and test provider.

  • How accurate is the Antibody test?

    The Antibody test has a clinical accuracy of 97% sensitivity and 100% specificity. Sensitivity is the proportion of people who have antibodies for COVID-19 that are correctly identified as positive by the test. Specificity is the proportion of people who do not have antibodies for COVID-19 that are correctly identified as negative by the test.

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