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FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) is produced in the anterior pituitary gland, which is located beneath the brain and regulates the development and functioning of the reproductive system. As FSH plays an important role in the production of sperm, abnormal levels can be a sign of testicular damage, reduced sperm production and / or infertility.

This test measures the amount of FSH in the blood, and is used in adult males who have concerns around fertility or libido.

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Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Home Test Kit

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Individual Packages

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Home Test Kit

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What is a FSH test?

A FSH test measures the levels of FSH in the blood, and simply involves taking a blood sample. FSH levels tend to remain the same in men, and levels that are above or under the regular ranges can be at the root of various problems such as low sex drive and infertility.  Therefore, this test can be useful in helping to find the cause behind low sperm counts, the inability to conceive, and potential problems with the testicles.

You can test your FSH levels at home with a Bluecrest home test kit. Using our home test kits are highly convenient as they can be self-administered at home with minimal preparation involved.

What’s included in a home FSH test?

Our home FSH test kits include:

  • A finger prick kit and vials for blood collection
  • A clear set of instructions
  • A pre-paid, self-adhesive Royal mail tracked service label
  • Results from an accredited lab within 8 days
  • Access to your own MyWellness online account to view your detailed results
  • Access to a 24/7 GP Helpline for a year

How to buy a FSH level test

You can buy a single FSH home test kit online here. We provide great value with all our home test kits, with additional extras such as your own MyWellness results portal and 24/7 GP helpline access for a year being included with all our home test kits.

Did you know you could also get a FSH test as part of our more comprehensive male hormone profile package? It consists of an in-depth, face-to-face health check with a Health Assessment Specialists, which you can easily book online at one of over 2,000 mobile clinics available nationwide. You will receive a wide array of other key health markers and a detailed results report sent through the post.

You can browse our product pages to discover which test, or combination of tests, is right for you.

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Your Male Hormone Check includes tests for important male hormones including testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a normal FSH level in males?

    The ‘normal’ FSH level in adult men varies between laboratories. As a general guideline the range in UK NHS hospitals is around 1-7 IU/L.

    Your healthcare provider will be able to talk you through the results.

  • What does low or high FSH in males mean?

    High levels of FSH in men typically indicate that the testicles aren’t functioning properly. This can be from lifestyle and external factors such as alcohol dependence and testicle damage caused by certain types of treatments (such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy). More rarely this could be due to a genetic condition such as Klinefelter’s Syndrome which is caused by man having an extra X chromosome. Conversely, low levels of FSH in men could mean that that little to no sperm is being produced. It could indicate that the pituitary gland and / or hypothalamus aren’t functioning properly.

    Any abnormal results will require a discussion with your GP and further testing to accurately diagnose the underlying condition.

  • What does LH do for males?

    LH (luteinising hormone) stimulates the production of testosterone in the testicles, which is key for producing sperm. LH is often measured with FSH to determine a man’s fertility, as irregular levels of LH could also be a sign of low sperm count or a pituitary disorder.

    You can find out more about our LH tests on our LH test page. Alternatively you can view our Male Hormone Profile page for more information on the variety of male hormone tests that can be included to assess male fertility and health.

  • How can a man become more fertile?

    If you are a male experiencing fertility issues, there are small lifestyle changes you can adopt to help to boost your fertility:

    • Don’t smoke
    • Drink alcohol only in moderation
    • Don’t use recreational drugs such as cannabis or anabolic steroids
    • Reduce your stress levels
    • Wear loose fitting underwear such as boxer shorts
    • If you sit down for long periods at work get up and more around regularly
    • Maintain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index)

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